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Citizenship by Investment Unit: Processing Backlog

Citizenship by Investment Unit: Processing Backlog

The Citizenship by Investment unit has issued a directive letter outlining “all applications submitted to the CIU before 1st of January, 2012, will be subject to delays that would take the processing time beyond the usual three-month period. These delays are to facilitate the organizational restructuring and computerization of the CIU”.

In addition, the letter stated, “The CIU expects that all delayed applications, except for those subject to queries by the CIU, would be completely processed before 31st May, 2012”.

Inline with the directive issued by the St Kitts & Nevis government authorities we wish to assure all our partners and their clients that the delays are not indicative of any problems or issues in relation to the applications, unless the CIU has specifically advised us otherwise.

If you would like a copy of the letter, please contact us.


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